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Full-length play, currently in development

"And I don’t mean I was able to like turn on and off again because that 

Well that’s kind of the whole point. Isn't it?

Whatever it is. I can't control it."

16-year-old Alex has hit a bit of a wall. Everything's fine. It is. It's just since the start of this year, her life's been chucked in the air. And nobody seems to really care. Waking Opportunity is a play about neurodiversity in education, dealing with loss and what happens when all you can think about is a Rover stuck on Mars.


An extract of Waking Opportunity was performed at Taunton Brewhouse in January 2022 as part of the Distillery Writers' Night with the following: 

Writer Dan Scott

Director Hope Thain

Produced by Taunton Brewhouse

Alex Fleur Robertson 

Sam/Jones Corrinne Curtis 

Souza George Williams

Brice/Ms Parrish Laura Corradi 

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