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Radio play commissioned for BBC Radio 4


The residents of a village in England all receive the same alarming message on their mobile phones. What would you do if  you only had only moments to decide?

Emergency Alert: Ballistic Missile Inbound was a comedy-drama commissioned by BBC Audio Drama London. 


It was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on 20th March 2024 and is now available on BBC Sounds.  

It follows the actions of three residents of the fictional village of Brookmere in the East Midlands after they receive an Emergency Alert informing them of an imminent ballistic missile. 

Praise for Emergency Alert: Ballistic Missile Inbound:


Radio Times (Recommended Drama):

“[a] shrewdly constructed comedy drama [...] centres on how people react in desperate ways to impending doom”

The Observer (Pick of the Week for Radio):

“A fascinating play [...] intriguingly, being in the line of fire turns out to be the least of their worries”


The Telegraph (Choice of the Day for Radio)
“[a] brilliant new drama [which] of course, post-COVID it’s not that distant a possibility” 

Pick of the Week for Radio in The Times

The cast and crew were as follows:

Noelle ..... Dorothy Atkinson

Hassan ..... Hasan Dixon

Sam ..... Anna Spearpoint

Voice 1/Max ..... John Lightbody

Voice 2/Kristen ..... Rhiannon Neads

Adam ..... Ian Dunnett Jnr.


Written by Dan Scott

Directed by Toby Swift

Production Coordination by Sara Benaim and Daniel Bishop

Sound by Andrew Garratt and Peter Ringrose

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