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Short Play, Old Red Lion Theatre, Islington, March 2020

‘A blink. A flash. And it’s gone. It’s all gone’

Prometheus has seen something she shouldn’t. Something awful. And she can’t tell a soul.


Inspired by the story of Chelsea Manning and the aftermath of the US military information leak in 2011, Sunburn mixes Greek myth and contemporary storytelling to explore the cost of truth in the modern world.

Sunburn was performed on the 16th March 2020 as part of Plays Rough London's 'Factual and Fantasy'

Writer Dan Scott

Director Josie Rattigan

Produced by Plays Rough London

Prometheus Phoebe Hyder

Sakhidad Luca Ipoliti

Sarah Katie Grace

Martin Raphael von Blumenthal

Photography Charlie Bell

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Sunburn, Old Red Lion, Company (1)
Sunburn, Old Red Lion, Company (3)
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