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Dan Scott is a playwright and theatremaker from Nottingham (via Frankfurt, Germany). He studied Drama and Theatre Arts at the University of Birmingham before training as a playwright on the inaugural year of Bristol Old Vic Theatre School's MA Drama Writing course, taught by Stephanie Dale and David Edgar. Dan was awarded the Erika Neumann Special Prize for Significant Achievement for the work produced during his time at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.

Dan's professional playwriting debut, Verständnis [Understanding], embarked on an Arts Council England-funded tour of venues across the East and West Midlands in December 2022. Other previous writing credits include short play Sunburn (Plays Rough London; Old Red Lion Theatre) and an R&D sharing of his full-length play Waking Opportunity (Abbie Riddell; Taunton Brewhouse). Dan is a New Associate at New Perspectives Theatre Company for 2022-2023.

Outside of his plays, Dan has been part of writer's groups with Sharp Scratches and Taunton Brewhouse. He was the Resident Theatre practitioner at Leighton Park School in 2018/2019, where he made work with students and facilitated workshops. He has also been a script reader for The Space Arts Centre and the London Playwrights Blog and taught creative writing workshops at a number of education institutions.

Photo credit: Ed Felton

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