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Dan has led workshops and worked with young people at Bilborough College (Nottingham), St Katherine's School (Bristol) and Leighton Park School (Reading). He has also taught his Story Circle workshop at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.


Dan is able to create custom creative writing and drama workshops tailored to the institution or group's needs.

Some examples of sessions Dan can run are:

- The Story Circle Narrative (Theatre/Writing)

Writer Dan Harmon claims that his Story Circle technique means that "in a vacuum, raised by wolves, your stories would follow this pattern". This workshop is an exploration of the Story Circle, both looking at how it works with other stories and how to apply it to your own working practice. Sessions can range from an hour to a morning or afternoon session and promises to open participants' creative thinking. Ideal for schools, sixth form colleges, writer's groups and youth theatres! 

- The Story Circle Narrative (Corporate)

"Storytelling comes naturally to humans, but since we live in an unnatural world, we need a little help doing what we'd naturally do" says TV writer Dan Harmon. His Story Circle technique taps into how audiences understand a good or bad story without even realising they're doing it. This workshop will give you the storytelling tools to apply to your business projects and improve the stories you tell!  This workshop will provide an introduction to how the Story Circle model works, how it's able to grip an audience and how you can use it to tell clear, concise and effective stories in a fun and engaging format. Perfect for marketing, advertising and any business that prides itself on its storytelling.

- Clocks and Pressure in Storytelling 

This workshop aims to explore the use of time and, in particular, time pressures in drama writing and how it can help in scene writing and editing. This highly-practical workshop looks to give participants the tools to create scenes that feel tight, punchy and effective through exploration of how time functions in drama. Ideal for youth theatres, schools, colleges 

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