• Dan

My Corner of the Internet!

If you've hit this post, you've made it this far through my website - hello!

This is the blog section of my website, and yes, you might be rolling your eyes, thinking 'oh lord, it's another playwright with a blog. Fab'.

And to be honest, yes. This is another playwright with a blog. Fair enough. What it will be though, is a collection of different things, released every week [normally]. Some of these will probably be:

  • Deep Dives: This might be into a particular writer's work, a play, a story I've found, anything really! What you can expect, though, is a nice in-depth look at whatever it is I'm covering!

  • Production/Writing Experiences: This will be mostly writing about writing experiences or production experiences of my work to keep you updated on the inner workings of what I do and to demystify what a writer might do day-to-day

  • Creative Off-Shoots: Non-playwriting writing things, or short works that I want to get out there will occasionally be posted to this blog, too!

BUT what I can promise is that these posts will never be dull [and if they are you have every right to email me with subject line 'This is dull'].

Apart from that, this is a totally new field for me so if there's anything you think might be interesting for me to write about or explore, please don't hesitate to get in touch...

I should be starting to post over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out on this space!

Dan x