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VerstÄndnis [understanding]

Full-length play - December 2022 tour

“If you believe you are a citizen of the world, you are a citizen of nowhere”


Verständnis [Understanding] is a moving and fresh new play that explores national identity, the state of being ‘in-between’, and the importance of understanding one another.

Verständnis [Understanding] is written to be performed in English and German with English subtitles, in a dynamic direct-to-audience storytelling style.

Verständnis [Understanding] was performed across the East and West Midlands as part of an Arts Council England-funded tour in December 2022. Tour dates were:

Monday 5th December        Nonsuch Studios [Nottingham]

Tuesday 6th December       University of Warwick [Warwick]

Thursday 8th December     Old Library Studios [Mansfield]

Friday 9th December           Belper School [Derbyshire]

                                                            Attenborough Arts Centre [Leicester]

Saturday 10th December    Centrala Space [Birmingham]

The company were as follows:

Performed by                        Raphael von Blumenthal

                                                 Rebecca McQuillan

                                                 Tim Welton

Writer                                        Dan Scott

Director                                  Greg Homann

Producer                                Joanna Woźnicka with support 

                                                 from Sum Project Ltd.

Illustrations                            Raphael Achache

Stage Manager                      Charlie MacKenzie-Barrow

German Language               

Consultant                               Leonie Schliesing

Staging Consultant             Jemma Khan



Verständnis [Understanding] will return in 2024

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